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Sin-Central Update: Pat Jansen of Sin-Central updates his Summertime Projects

Sponsor: Kustom Kulture Artisan Show at the Blue Ridge Run Rally at Cherokee, NC

INTERVIEW: Chris Callen, Editor and Owner of Cycle Source Magazine. Could he be the last magazine standing? 

CHris Callen of Cycle Source Magazine


  1. I’ve been at places that I normally find magazines. Guess what. I can’t find them at the airport, grocery stores, Barnes & Noble… WHAT IS GOING ON?
  2. How has the stories changed from today to when you starte?
  3. A new Cycle Source Program is Grease + Gears. Tell us about this program.
  4. What do you think is going on with young riders & Harley


Biker Etiquette Questions

  1. Do waterless spray wash actually work?
  2. It’s the end of the month, and I'm taking a look at my finances and realize I lent out money to a buddy for a tranny rebuild without ever getting repaid. How can I gracefully ask my dog to pay me back?


Jason & Jody compete in the Paint Slinger Shootout Competition

Check out the Paint Slinger Shootout Competition

PODCAST SPONSOR – Atomic Bob and his Atomic Dice Studio Arts – Taking Monsters and Aliens to the next level of existence... ONE Monster at a time.


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