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George Stinsman, owner of Chaos Cycles builds custom bikes for the mean streets of NYC. They run on the pockmarked streets of the Big Apple with out destroying themselves--- a testiment to Stinsman's ability to create tough & cool sleds.

Chaos Cycle has proven to be a leader in the motorcycle industry, from everyday repairs, performance mods and maintainace to full ground up award winning custom bikes. Gaining the attention of media worldwide our client base of enthusiasts from Spain, Germany, England, Finland, Canada and of course the USA.

You can always tell a Chaos Cycles custom build, but I can’t tell you why. They are tough, iconoclastic, impactful but no 2 are alike. 

Chaos Cycles Builds Custom Harley Motorcycles

Questions for Mr. Chaos:

  • Describe your style
  • George, you’ve competed in the AMD World Championship, competed in the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder to name 2, and you always are winning or at the top of the charts... What makes a winning bike
  • We worked together on the Grease + Gears stage in NYC. Tell us about your presentation.
  • You mentioned parts on the stage - what is your first product out of the gate? How much does it retail for?
  • What are the East Cost Trends / Are these trends strong on the East Coast for 2018:
  •  Tell us about your next custom build

George Stinsman of Chaos Cycles

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