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There are few that enjoy the biker lifestyle more that Rich Worley of AmericanBiker.biz in Charlston, SC. He lives in a tourist mecca that is rated #1 party town in the South East. He sells Indians and used Harleys and builds killer, cool sleds for him and his honey to ride.

Pat Jansen interviews Biker Rich Worley

Rich Worley of AmericanBiker.biz had his daily rider was featured in the <em>Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine.

  • Tell us about what it takes to keep old iron running
  • What are the details of the custom build.


When he's not having a good time at home, he takes his show on the road with a genuine prison bus from Florida converted into a cool rolling-party on wheels.

I was speaking with Edge of the Smoke Out and he said that he stopped in on the way to Bike Week and mentioned you have a Prison Bus converted into a party bus.

  • Are you Keeping the restraints and graffiti?

Biker Questions

  • I have a late model Harley bagger. I plan on taking 2 day and 3 day weekend trips to the beach. What should I be packing for my trips in order to be prepared and safe.
  • A couple months ago I was heading home from a party with Nancy, a good-friend. Both of us were kind of tipsy, and I found myself confessing that I hadn’t been connecting with my boyfriend sexually lately. ----- Her response was immediate: <strong>smoke weed beforehand</strong>…“She said, I’m telling you, it works.” Does it work or will I be locking myself in the bathroom at a house party with a box of Frosted Flakes?

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