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Interview John Shipley

Custom Builder


Jon Shipley is a world-class builder.  Pat is impressed with his design and attention to detail. He is an inspiration to builders everywhere. If he can do it, anybody can. 

QUESTION – You do not have to have a huge shop, you don’t have to have a cnc machine, you don’t have to have a paint booth… But you do have world-class bike builds.

  1. What is the Shipley Magic?
  2. How was World Championship in Germany?

firebike racer


Interview Brian Schaffran

Owner Skidmark Garage

Interview with Brian Schaffran of Skidmark Garage - Wrenching, Drinking, Riding --- Repeat

Schaffran runs a non-profit garage, he doesn’t mean to…

COMMUNITY GARAGE - Working on your bike with a bunch of guys that are also working on their own bikes. Having a beer. Hanging out. Helping each other work on bikes. Going for a ride afterward.

It's about building our own little culture of tinkering with our old bikes - the camaraderie that is cemented once we overcome a hurdle - and celebrating each tiny victory along the way.

Owning and riding a vintage bike means working on it. Wrenching on that bike in good company is a win/win.

Biker Etiquette Questions

  • Iron 883 or forty eight? 
  • Can I ride my Razor Scooter on the highway?
  • Do guys notice if you put on 5 or 10 pounds? Or are they just concerned I have a heartbeat?

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