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The Brew Dude Heads 2 Bonneville - Keith "Bandit Ball" Cracks the Whip

We find out why the salr in Bonneville is like Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship, a total train wreck. 

INTERVIEW: Steve “Brewdude” Garn

The Brewdude races, builds custom bikes and bicycles. He even built a bicycle for Peewee Herman. Writes articles and does bicycle building frame classes.

Brew Dude LSR Racing



  • How did you get started in LSR?
  • What type of bike are you running?
  • NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA… Big money deals in racing. How much money is in LSR racing?
  • LSR racing is old school racing. The last time you went, you had 1 problem after another. But you got it done. Briefly take us through it.



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INTERVIEW: Bandit of Bikernet.com

Bandit gets chicks to race his LSR bikes and win national titles on the salt. But now he is looking to build a belly tank trike.


  • You are a speed freak. Why did you get involved in LSR racing?
  • What’s it like to run a team that takes world records on the salt?
  • How did you decide on a belly tank trike?
  • I understand you are planning to pilot this trike, how did you make this decision?





Jason & Jody compete in the Paint Slinger Shootout Competition

Check out the Paint Slinger Shootout Competition

PODCAST SPONSOR – Atomic Bob and his Atomic Dice Studio Arts – Taking Monsters and Aliens to the next level of existence... ONE Monster at a time.


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Sin-Central Update: Pat Jansen of Sin-Central updates his Summertime Projects

Sponsor: Kustom Kulture Artisan Show at the Blue Ridge Run Rally at Cherokee, NC

INTERVIEW: Chris Callen, Editor and Owner of Cycle Source Magazine. Could he be the last magazine standing? 

CHris Callen of Cycle Source Magazine

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Jody Perewitz, V-Twin Royalty, has taken after her father and built a vibrant painting career as well as competes in LSR at 200 MPH+.  Jody is the fastest painter in the East.


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Bandit from owner/editor of Bikernet.com, an online custom bike magazine talks about technology as well as Born Free 9. 


Bandit Talks Born Free 9

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Ron Harris was in a build off with Pat Jansen of Sin-Central Garage. He built a dirt bike from a stock Royal Enfield motorcycle and took the gold at the Smoke Out Rally Chopper Show against a ground up chopper build. Bananas!

Royal Enfield Build Off Winning Motorcycle

Chop Docs Winning Build

PODCAST SPONSOR – Atomic Bob and his Atomic Dice Studio Arts – Taking Monsters and Aliens to the next level of existence... ON3 Monster at a time.

Ron Harris Talks about his build and competition at the Smoke Out Rally:

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Interview with Scout


Sponsors – Kustom Kulture Artisan Show Series at the ROT Rally and Cherokee Blue ridge Run.

Scout on the Pod-E

Scout is a digital swami and a marketing extraordinaire… He runs his business online from Central America. In the past he help Harley bring together their Dark Custom program, has helped Baker continue their street-fight mentality to sell their quality American-made products and put together RIdewright Wheels’ digital presence.

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Interview Krystal Hess


Krystal Hess is a renaissance biker: she's a custom builder, nurse, entrepreneur and the lady behind the charity Motorcycle Missions. 

At Motorcycle Missions they understand that much of the post traumatic stress (disorder) paradigm is that the need for purpose, camaraderie, and adrenaline is of the utmost importance. Our hope is to encourage our audience to instill a life-long passion for motorcycling, that will help them enjoy a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle after trauma. Continue Reading »


Interview John Shipley

Custom Builder


Jon Shipley is a world-class builder.  Pat is impressed with his design and attention to detail. He is an inspiration to builders everywhere. If he can do it, anybody can. 

QUESTION – You do not have to have a huge shop, you don’t have to have a cnc machine, you don’t have to have a paint booth… But you do have world-class bike builds.

  1. What is the Shipley Magic?
  2. How was World Championship in Germany?

firebike racer

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Interview Brett Conley

Brand Marketing Mgr. Culture


QUESTION - There is a trend with club style bikes And on the East Coast we are seeing full face lids. What does Bell Helmets have for this market?

Interview Brett Conley Brand Marketing Mgr. Culture

MX9 Adventure Helmet - Bell MX-9 Helmet blends the best of their dirt and street. The lightweight polycarbonate shell comes in three different sizes, mitigating bulk and providing a more comfortable fit. Bell's velocity-flow ventilation system keeps air flowing, forcing fresh air in and hot moist air out, while the removable and washable liner and cheek pads ensures you can keep sweat and bacteria build up at bay. 

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Pat Wheedles  a T-Shirt From Marilyn Stemp

Marilyn Stemp helped get the Evil Knievel museum together.  Once Pat finds out that Marilyn has a direct line on t-shirts, he wheedles a Knievel t-shirt from Stemp. She talks about  Knievel’s snake pit jump being recreated by Doug Danger at Buffalo Chip.

Publisher of the online magazine http://irontradernews.com/

  1. You are instrumental in getting the Evil Kneivel revival happening – What’s going on with the museum?
  2. Doug Danger will be on a EK bike. What are the details of the Buffalo Chip Jump
  3. You are doing a benefit breakfast in Sturgis / Where will the proceeds go / Who will be attending


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